Что мы делаем?

Мы создаём анимационные 2D проекты для детей и подростков. Наш первый крупный проект - это мультсериал «Джинджи» , который уже стартовал на крупнейших стрим-платформах России и СНГ.

Blanca Pictures is a Russian animation studio with an international team of more than 100 top artists, actors, screenwriters, animators, and directors from all over the world.
From Hollywood to Russia, to Ukraine and Armenia, together we make up a dynamic kaleidoscope of talent where anything is possible
About Studio
What do we do?
We create 2D animated project such as cartoons and music videos for kids and teenagers. Our most major project is an animated comedy series “Ginji”, which has already been made available on the biggest streaming platforms in Russia and CIS.
Our projects
Comedic animation series about the adventures of a teenage horse Ginji and her friends – UB-7 backpack and Verona the crow!
Ginji’s dream becomes true when she becomes an employee at this magnificent company “Cade-express” the ruling power of the Cade City and every delivery becomes a new breathtaking adventure for her.
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